SIEG Mini Lathe goes for another 20 years

Feb 19, 2019

SIEG Mini Lathe- go for another 20 years

Sometime ago our Australia dealer "AUSEE" received a email that a customer asked for a belt for his lathe machine. After he fitted the new belt, he felt very happy and thanks for the helf for "AUSEE". He send us the machine pictures as well as the receipt when he bought the lathe. We are amazing to find that this lathe he was bought on Aug 7, 1999 from our Germany dealer Rotwerk. That's means he owns the lathe for 20 years !

He shared us that he bought the lathe from Rotwerk in Frankfurt on 7 Aug 1999 when he was working for Opel in Germany for 2 years. The lathe gave him something to do on the long lonely evenings when there was nothing on TV that he could understand.

He said after he fitted the new belt and cleaned and adjusted the slides, everything is still in good order ready for another 20 years. Aha!

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