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Rotating pencil holder

Aug 23, 2022

The rotating pencil holder is an interesting and practical small armament. Do you want to have it? Don’t hesitate. Follow us to make the pen holder with a bench lathe and mill drill. Look, the summer vacation is coming to an end and the kids will back to school. This handmade rotating pencil holder is a good choice as the opening gift.


Firstly, find two round aluminum blocks as upper and lower bases of the pen holder, and process the desired shape through the machine tool. Secondly, process the upper bases of the pen holder and boring, then process the lower bases and central axle. Use a milling machine to polish the fence holes of the pen holder. Make a pen holder fence with a lathe. Finally, install the pen holder. You could through the link below to watch the full processing video: https://fb.watch/f3Wxa8P-6H/

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