How to make a simple clock by CNC machine

Sep 29, 2022

Hey, everybody, how’s it going? Today We’re gonna show you how we made an awesome clock here on the CNC engraving machine. We are sharing the manfacturing process available about the clock on the below link, so definitely check that out if you're interested in making this for yourself. Without further ado, let me show you how we made it.

It’s time to start a new project, making a clock for our office room. So, we’re just getting a piece of round panel clamped down here to the CNC engraving machine, and we are going through and carving through the device. So you can see, this is the CNC engraving machine, the bit going through here and doing a really clean job carving these numbers. Finally, install the quartz clock movement and hands, then a simple wall clock is completed. You could through the below link to view the full video.



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