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A Letter to SIEG Customers

Feb 29, 2020

Dear SIEG customers,

As we all know, China is currently facing the ravage of the coronavirus. After a period of hard work, the epidemic is under control to some extent.

Here is an update of our current situation:

1.      Our factory is located in a low-risk area of Shanghai, less affected by the virus. Up to now, none of our employees and their families have been infected with the coronavirus.

2.      After careful evaluation, we resumed our operations with effect from February 26, 2020.

3.      We have put very strict disinfection and protection measures in place. Every employee needs to take his/her temperature every day, conduct the disinfection before entering the factory, and wear masks throughout the working day. All sites are disinfected twice a day to ensure a clean and safe production environment.

4.      We have also requested all our suppliers to put the same measures in place to ensure the safety and protect of all concerned.

The protection measures we have put in place are based on guidance received from medical experts. Our understanding based on this guidance is that the virus is mainly transmitted from person to person through close direct contact and droplets, and that it is difficult for the virus to survive for more than 48 hours after outside the human body.

At the time of writing, it is also our understand that the WHO has issued a special notice stating that packages and cargo are not at risk of infection. To further support the WHOs notice, please see below a chart from a Chinese research institute which shows how long the virus can survive at certain temperatures, on various packing material.:

Keeping in mind that most of our production is exported, with average transit times of greater than 14 days, we hope that you will agree that we have taken appropriate measures to protect our team as well as our customers at the time of dispatch.

Due to the virus, the delivery time of our products will be extended. According to different models, the average delay will be between one to two months from the original schedule. Please accept our apology for this delay.

If you have new orders to be placed, we suggest you send them to us as early as possible, to enable us to coordinate with our suppliers. A small number of our suppliers are in the outbreak area, so it will take longer to resume normal production for certain items. We will do everything possible to catch up with the delay.

We value your custom, and we sincerely thank you for your concern, understanding and support during this period.

Let’s work together to create a better future!

Best Regards

Ma Jian  马 健


Shanghai SIEG machinery Co., Ltd.


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