Company annual meeting and holiday party

        Writer:Jackson WuDate:Jan 31,2017

        We Started Chinese New year Hoilday from January 20,before started this holiday,We Brought all employees together and had a pleasant annual meeting and holiday party.

        In the Annual meeting,we had great dinner,excellent performance from every department,Lucky Draw and so on.There were many interesting things what deserved to be written down.but what I spent most time on thinking anout was the meeting itself:

        Re-affirm our core values: Our company’s Core Values are very important to our culture and our success,it’s important for us to reinforce them as a group.

        Share company goals and strategy: This is the best opportunity to set the vision for the new’s essential to keep everyone on the same page.

        Analyse current company and market situation :there is no doubt the all-company meeting is a good chance to show every staff where we stand .

        Enhance connection of each department:

        We used this time together to celebrate our collective accomplishments,more importantly, had employees from different departments met face-to-face.

        The following were some pictures from the scene:





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