Sieg attended Chinese Science And Technology Exhibition

        Date:Oct 19,2016

        As all our customers kown,Our products have been sold to many countries.However perhaps they did not know we also made great achievement at domestic market.


        Sieg’s machines provide excellent platform for education,practice and innovation.In Chinese Science And Technology Exhibition  which holded in Bei Jing this year,we proved it.


        As the one of representatives from Shang Hai Science Commission,we attended this exhibition.There are some local pictures.


        Two kids were operating our milling machine SX1 and lathe C0.Sieg’s products are given meticulous safety design,brilliant performance and multiple function,it attracted many visitors to observe.



        Kids were demonstrating hankdmade articles what were made by them


        Some group photos with representives from other provinces:


        Even though we have won some praises in this industry, Sieg never stop.we are still moving forward! 

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