SIEG C2 Lathe Appears in the Shanghai TV Show “Dream Home”

        Date:Sep 12,2016

        After one year waiting, the third season of Shanghai TV Show “Dream Home” started !!! This TV show is a large home improvement program. 

        In every episode, one family will be chosen who represents and reflects the living life of part of the crowd. The story develops around the family background, living troubles and longings for the dream home. At the same time, the programme team will recruit a powerful designer and select a creative diversified design team to make the home improvement for the family, to achieve the dream home.


        Of course, I am not mainly to introduce this TV show. In the second episode, I am amazed to find that our C2 lathe in this Chinese family. The father uses the lathe for making some handcraft in his daily life. But his workshop is so simple and crude, which seems degrades the lathe. But after the decoration, the father owns a new and tidy workshop. And the lathe also owns a better home.

        Here share some screen shots:



        The C2 lathe was located in the old small, narrow and messy workshop. How poor environment !




        The father is working on the C2 lathe in the narrow and hot workshop




        The new tidy, clean and comfort workshop.




        The lathe also owns a new sweety home.


        I am very happy to see that Chinese family will obtain such kind of lathe in their home. This proves that Chinese people’s life is changing!



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