Magnetic Scale Digital Readout System

         1.Brief Introduction of the Magnetic Scale Digital Readout System:

        Considering the high price, large size and mounting difficulties on the grating scale, we develop the magnetic scale. By our research and test, now we declare that the “Magnetic scale” could be widely used on mill or lathes like other machines. The Magnetic scale is applied the best optical and inductive technology. It is not only impervious to coolant or liquid, but also very delicate on the size and easy on the installation.


        Theadvantages of the Magnetic Scales Digital Readout: small size, delicate structure, easy installation, convenient operation, and favorable price.


        Generally speaking, a complete set of magnetic scale digital readout system consists of a magnetic scale(MS10 or MS20) + a reader(MR500) +a digital display unit(DT20). Of course according to different machines, different mounting bracket, screw, etc are also needed. Except the traditional digital display unit, we develop a new display method by using Bluetooth technology. Instead of providing the display unit, we could provide you a DRO Bluetooth generator(HC06). You should install a APK software on the own pad or phone (Android system only). After Bluetooth acquire the data from the reader, it will send the data on the APK software on your pad or phone.


        2.Sales Modes of the Magnetic Scale Digital Readout System:

        Now we provide two sales modes: Parts sales and Package sales.

        (1)Parts sales

        Parts sales means you could buy the MS10, MS20, MR500, DT20, or HC06 separately. You could buy the MS10 or MS20 according to the length you need. You could choose the any quantity of  the MR500 reader. You could buy any quantity of the DT20 digital display or you even just buy the HC06 Bluetooth generator.


        (2)Package sales

        It means you could buy a complete set of Magnetic Scale Digital Readout System according to SIEG lathe or mill drill model number. We will prepare the complete set including MS20 (Only magnetic scales with frame could provide under this sales mode) + MR500 + DT20 or HC06. By your request, we could also the install them on your machine in our factory, of course we have to charge you the installation fee.



        3.Introduction of each part:



        (1)MS10 and MS20 magnetic scale.

        The MS10, we sale 28m/roll as a unit. The user could cut any length according to for her/his machine. 

        The MS20 is combined by the magnetic scale MS10, aluminum frame, steel strip, and left & right protective cover. We sale 1m/strip as a unit.

        (2)MR500. The length of the standard cable of the MR500 is 1.5m. The head of the reader contacts with the magnetic scale. The end of cable connects to the DT20 digital display or HC06 Bluetooth generator.



        (3)DT20 digital display unit.

        We have the two axis (X,Y) and three axis(X,Y,Z) digital display units could be provided. It has the function setting up, metric and imperial display alternative, and calculation function.


        HC06 should work with Android tablet and smart phone with Bluetooth available. You could download the software from App store or SIEG website . Then install this software on your tablet or phone. After that, open Bluetooth, find HC06, connect, then done!

            Please note that the interface of APK software is designed with SIEG logo, be careful to choose.



        Regarding the price, please contact your local dealer.


        If you have any technical question, please send email to



        SIEG Group